Fr. Nicholas Sheehy Memorial Window

A memorial window, in honour of the late Fr. Nicholas Sheehy was installed in Clogheen Church during July 2014.

Father Nicholas Sheehy (1728–1766) was an 18th-century Irish Roman Catholic priest who was executed on charge of accessory to murder. Father Sheehy was a prominent and vocal opponent of the Penal laws, which disenfranchised and persecuted Catholics in Ireland. His conviction is almost universally regarded as an act of judicial murder.

Nicholas Sheehy was born in Fethard near Clonmel and grew up in a house near Newcastle on the Tipperary & Waterford border.
He was educated in Spain and became the Parish Priest of Clogheen.

The window right Side : Features aspects of Fr. Sheehy’s Student life in Salamanca, Spain and his burial place in Shanrahan, Clogheen.


Left Side: The faces of Penal Days, Ireland and the signature of Nicholaus Sheehy discovered in the month February 2014 from the Salamancan Archives in the Russel Library in Maynooth.