Holy Thursday Celebration

Young People Organize Holy Thursday Liturgy

 The concelebrants, our Parish Priest Fr. Edmund Cullinan and Mout Melleray priest Fr. Hahessy, were accompanied to the bare altar by fourteen young people (ages eighteen to twenty something), twelve of them dressed in white albs.

 Fr. Cullinan answered the question from a child in the congregation – why is this such a very special night for us? – and then presented the holy oils to the people of the parish.  The Gloria was recited, accompanied by a peal of bells.

 The second reading and gospel were read in ‘dialogue’ form by the celebrant and young people.

The altar was dressed and the twelve ‘apostles’, arranged in a semicircle behind the altar, had their feet washed as a very moving reflection, God in an Apron, was read from the ambo.

 As each Prayer of the Faithful was recited a lighted candle was placed on the altar.

 The returned Trocaire boxes were presented and then the bread (large Glencairn hosts) and wine (a large jug as there was to be communion under both kinds) accompanied by a sheaf of wheat and a bowl of grapes.

 Having received the handshake of peace from the celebrant the ‘apostles’ moved through the congregation extending the hand of peace to all.

 The parish Eucharistic ministers made the annual renewal of their promise of service.

 After communion the altar was cleared and the procession to the altar of repose was sent on its way with a reading from Chapter 14 of St. John’s Gospel – Do not let your hearts be troubled… 

Come now, let us go.  – into the darkness of the church, with torches and lanterns and the singing of the Pange Lingua.