Statement from Bishop Cullinan on the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes

I welcome the publication of report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes.  I found it extensive, well researched and fair. We must never be afraid of the truth.

Fairness and justice is what women and girls in Mother and Baby Homes should have got but unfortunately many didn’t. I want to say a heartfelt sorry.

The report records the personal gut-wrenching stories of many women and girls who were horribly treated, first by the fathers who got them into trouble, their own families and then, where they should have got love and respect often didn’t in Mother and Baby Homes.

There were many dedicated and kind religious sisters but others who showed a huge lack of care or respect and many young women were made to suffer horribly.

No one will say we have a perfect society now. We have many social ills but we, Church and the State, families and communities, can learn from this report to be more compassionate and caring to all, irrespective of background or life experiences.

I believe and always will that healing can be found and that Jesus Christ brings that healing and peace.