Youth celebrate their Faith

The Parish of St. Nicholas, Carrick-on-Suir, organized a series of Celebrations of Faith on each of the Wednesday evenings of Lent. 

The Parish Pastoral Council set aside one of these Wednesdays for young people and asked the Youth Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society to organize the liturgy.  This they did on Wednesday 21st March, providing a half hour reflection on their faith on the theme of ‘On the Road to Emmaus’, underlining the fact that, like the two disciples, they often find it difficult to recognise Jesus because of the distractions or disinterest in their lives.

They sang, they read, they prayed, presented an insight into their faith journey through drama, were blessed with water and extended the hand of peace to all in the congregation.

As this liturgy took place in the week after the coach deaths in Switzerland and the shootings in France, part of the liturgy was dedicated to the memory of those who died, twenty eight red and four blue candles being presented, by two students in uniform from each of the three secondary schools, during the Prayers of the Faithful, which were read in Swahili, Polish and English. Music was provided by the girls from Greenhill secondary school.

One disappointment!  Some years ago during the diocesan listening process in the Carraig Hotel the first question at almost every table was: how do we get young people back into the church?  Well, on the week-end before the liturgy all the congregations were addressed by a young person with the simple message:  here we are come join us.  Very few did.