Alpha – how does Faith fit into my everyday life?

New Year – A fresh start to look again and see how faith fits into my everyday Life.

Would you consider spending 11 Tuesday evenings investing your time in exploring how faith can relate to your life in normal but powerful ways.? This can happen online from the comfort of your own home for just one hour each of these evenings.

What is it?   The Alpha Course is a friendly, engaging, non judgmental approach to exploring the ‘ big ‘ questions of life from a Christian standpoint. Why are We here.? Does God really guide us.? Where does Faith and Prayer fit in.? Why is there Evil in the World.?

Who is it for? It can be for those who are already heavily involved in their Parish or for those who would like to be involved or more involved. Whatever about involvement, it certainly is for those who are seeking and searching for deeper meaning in life which can easily relate to Life to Faith.

What can I expect? 25 Minutes of a thought provoking DvD followed by group discussion with a facilitator. This Course is not a heavy learning session but about reacting to the piece you’ve seen and sharing your thoughts.  

 For the first time, this  Alpha is being run on a Nationwide basis with each parish having its own small group of 7 to 8 people. 

If you’re interested please check out  for more details and online Registration.