Ascend Strategic Plan

“Intentionally walking with young people on their journey of faith and offering meaningful opportunities to encounter Jesus.”

The Diocese launched its three-year Ascend Strategic Plan for Youth & Young Adult Ministry on Monday 20th March (the feast of St Joseph) in St John’s Pastoral Centre.

“There are wonderful things happening and the Lord is offering his grace for every person and at every moment. Because we are people of love, because we try to follow the Master, who is love; out of love, we want to walk with our young people and bring them closer to love itself.  
It is with great joy, and a privilege for me to formally launch our three-year plan on this feast of St Joseph.” 
Bishop Cullinan




Faith Rep Recruitment for 2024 has now begun!

20 Faith Reps commissioned on 29th September 2023

As part of the Ascend Strategic Plan for Youth & Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Waterford & Lismore which was launched in March 2023, twenty Faith Representatives representing eleven parishes were commissioned for the diocese on Friday 29th September in the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Waterford. The role of a Faith Rep will vary from parish to parish, but they will all aim to walk intentionally with youth and young adults on their journey of faith, offering meaningful opportunities for them to encounter Jesus. Collaborating with the Strategic plan, they will aim to respond to the needs of their parishes, supported by the Diocesan Strategic Task Force for Youth & Young Adult Ministry. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and experience, the newly commissioned Faith Reps are people of real faith, with a heart for young people, who have received training and support from the diocese over the past few months and will continue to be supported and mentored as they embrace their exciting new role for the next two years. 
Youth & Young Adult Ministry Officer, Nodlaig Lillis commended the Faith Reps last Friday night for bravely stepping forward, offering their time and talents when an easier option is to do nothing and complain. Nodlaig explained: “Ascend Youth & Young Adult Ministry is inspired by the motto of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati – one of the patrons and inspirations for the diocesan vision for youth ministry: “Verso l’alto!” (To the Heights). We believe in meeting young people where they are at but leading them onwards and upwards towards an encounter with Christ, a sacramental encounter with Jesus: the Way for those who need guidance, the Light for those in darkness, the Truth that cuts through confusion and doubt.  To use a simple mountain analogy, some of our Faith Reps might be the ones actively leading the expedition itself up the mountain top with young people, some might be the ones who plan the outing and ensure people have a lift to get there, some might be the smiling face that extends the invitation or puts up the posters and social media posts to advertise the event, others might be the ones with the very welcome flask of tea and sandwiches after the hike, others might just be the encouragers who say “Well done, we knew you could do it!” and listen to the experience the young people had.” 


Ascend Strategic Task Force Members:  Bishop Cullinan, Nodlaig Lillis, Sr Kathryn Press, Olivia Elliott, Shauna McGrath, Maura Murphy.

Radio Maria Ireland Interview:

Our Youth & Young Adult Ministry Officer, Nodlaig Lillis, was recently interviewed by Radio Maria – Ireland about the three-year Ascend Strategic Plan just launched, in the diocese as well as the signs of hope for young people in the church in Ireland. You can listen to the podcast here:

For more information on the plan, or the resources mentioned by Nodlaig in the interview, check out



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