Message from Bishop Cullinan for Catholic Schools Week 23rd to 30th January

I wish you every blessing as you begin Catholic Schools Week. The school holds a key place in every community. Not only is it the place where children are educated for life but the school is also a place of gathering, a meeting place, where news is exchanged and where people talk about the things which are important in their lives.   Our Catholic schools prepare their pupils and students for life. This includes building up their lives in faith, when young people learn of God’s personal care for each one and His loving plan for all humanity.  Catholic schools are rightly renowned for the wonderful system of education which they offer.  Our schools contribute to society by encouraging the full development of their young people’s character and gifts which includes reaching out to those less fortunate in the local community and beyond. In becoming better persons we can then hope to change the world for the better, making it a kinder and more welcoming place.  The theme this year for Catholic Schools Week is ‘Living Life to the Full’.  In a real way we echo the words of the Lord Jesus recorded in John’s Gospel: “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” May we all know the fullness of life which the Lord Jesus offers to those who are open to him. May we become more and more the people we know deep down we can be and live every moment to the full.  Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan.

Catholic Schools Week 2022 will be celebrated from Sunday 23 January – Sunday 30 January. on the theme ‘Catholic Schools: Living Life to the Full’.

During Catholic Schools Week families, parishes and schools are invited to participate in a week of celebration of Catholic schools reflecting on their contribution to the common good of society.

As we look forward to celebrating Catholic Schools Week 2022, we are happy to share these resources for use in schools and parishes:


CSW2022 Poster
CSW2022 Poster Irish

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week 2022 in Your Parish

Parish Resource CSW2022
Parish Resource CSW2022 Irish

Primary School Resources 

CSW2022 Primary Flyer
CSW2022 Primary Flyer Irish

Primary Junior and Senior CSW2022
Primary Junior and Senior CSW2022 Irish
First and Second Class CSW2022
First and Second Class CSW2022 Irish
Third and Fourth Class CSW2022
Third and Fourth Class CSW2022 Irish
Fifth and Sixth Class CSW2022
Fifth and Sixth Class CSW2022 Irish

Parish Resource CSW202

Post-Primary School Resources

CSW2022 Post Primary Flyer
CSW2022 Post Primary Flyer Irish