Church Bells to ring for Peace on 11th November

The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference recently decided that on Saturday 11 November 2023, at 11.00 am, coinciding with the end of the First World War, cathedrals and parish churches will ring church bells as a call for peace and an end to war.  The following prayer will be recited across Ireland, and hopefully, across Europe:
Blessed are the Peacemakers
We pray to You O Lord, through the intercession of Your Most Pure Mother Mary,
Give to the people suffering war and conflict the gift of peace, for you have given us all else:
A peace that all of us share in the passion and wisdom that is the Lord Jesus Christ.
The peace of the Sabbath, and the peace that knows no evening.
Stir up in the hearts and the minds of our leaders and politicians a longing for peace,
That brings real joy and our hearts will be restless no more.

See you local Church for more details on this event.