Diocesan Camino Walk – ‘Walk with St. Declan’ – July 22nd

On Saturday 22nd July, the Diocese will undertake a Diocesan Camino Walk in honour of St. Declan whose Feast day we will celebrate on July 24th.  There are three walks to choose from, and the paths are outlined by clicking on https://sites.google.com/mtmelleray.ie/pilgrimpaths 

Walk 1 – – The Well – an easy walk for everyone.

Walk 2 – – The Cross – a little climb to be done, but accessible.  

Walk 3 – – The Cross and the Well – a little climb and a little longer.

All these walks are part of the pilgrim paths that are on St. Declan’s Way.  There will be short stops along the paths –  a time for prayer, including prayer for Vocations in this special year.  The walks are open to everyone, including families.  When finished, you are welcome to come back to the Monastery, light a candle in thanksgiving for graces you have received on your ‘camino’ and perhaps enjoy a cuppa and a scone in the cafe.  Let us pray for fine weather to enjoy the afternoon together.   No booking is necessary.  We look forward to seeing you all on the 22nd July.  Bring family and friends in your car!   It will be fun.