Lenten Resources for Prayer and Reflection

We begin our Lenten Journey.  

Every lent we are invited to “fasting, prayer, and almsgiving.” Here are some suggestions that may help you to respond to that invitation.
• Spend some time each day during this Lenten journey to deepen your experience of God through quiet prayer. As St Ignatius did, ask Mary to “place you with her son.” What are your holy desires for greater intimacy
with Jesus?
• Spend some money for those who need a meal, clothing, or groceries.
• Spend your kind thoughts on someone you find irritating or disagreeable.
• Spend your energy on someone(s) who needs help with a daily task, perhaps a visit to the doctor, food shopping.
• Do not spend time on bad memories, unkind thoughts of others, revenge, self-pity.


Please click on the links below for Lenten Prayer Resources that you can use daily.  

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