Ordination to Priesthood of Deacon Mark O’Farrell

Deacon Mark O’Farrell pictured after his Ordination to Diaconate


Clonmel native, Mark O’Farrell will be ordained to the priesthood this Sunday, August 20th at 3pm in Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Waterford by Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan.

The Catholic priesthood is a sacred and ordained ministry within the Catholic Church. It is a vocation that involves serving the faithful and leading them in their spiritual journey. The priesthood is considered one of the three holy orders, along with the diaconate and the episcopate.

Once ordained, priests have various responsibilities within their ministry. They are authorised to celebrate Mass and administer the sacraments, including baptism, reconciliation, anointing of the sick, matrimony, and holy orders. Priests also provide pastoral care to their parishioners, offering spiritual guidance, counseling, and support. They are called to preach the Gospel and teach the faith, both through homilies during Mass and in other educational settings. Additionally, priests often engage in charitable works and community outreach.