Theology in the Public Square Event

‘Christian Mindfulness in a troubled world’ – This talk with Dr. Stefan Reynolds will explore the relationship between mindfulness and love. In attempting to do this, Dr Reynolds asks the following questions: Is the world really speeding up, or is it our minds that are getting more busy and stressed? How do we deal with our worries? How can we separate genuine concerns from unnecessary anxieties? What is there in Christian spirituality that can be a practical help? Can faith be a motivation for the practice of mindfulness? How can we keep an eye on the bigger picture – the presence of God – while at the same time being attentive to the details of life?

By seeing mindfulness not just for peace of mind but as a way of growing in love we may find greater empowerment for living in the present moment. Is faith unnecessary baggage or is it a way of connecting the details of life to a deeper source? In this way, religion may be a resource for peace rather than further division in an already troubled world.

Thursday, 13rd October, 2022 at 6:30 pm
SETU Waterford Campus, Room F01 (Business School)

Admission FREE